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My main objective as a photographer is to capture and share the spirit of my subject as I experience it. When something catches my attention, I frame my image according to my personal aesthetics and emotional response utilizing available light and technical skills gleaned over the years.

I would categorize, though not pigeonhole, myself as an artist whose endeavors have developed into a documentary body of work. I have focused on music and dance performances, spiritual ceremonies and everyday life. My love of taking pictures has resulted in a gratifying glimpse into many cultures different from my own. My subject matter often encompasses live music performances, cultural events and lifestyles. I also love photographing people as well as architecture, scenery and candid street shots.

I am self-taught and been taking pictures for the past 35 years. I have published in many Caribbean oriented music and cultural magazines. My work appears on CD covers and liner notes, web sites, flyers, newspapers, magazines and book covers. I have had 2 one-woman exhibits in Cuba, participated in group shows in NYC and numerous exhibitions in the Hudson Valley of NY. I am currently represented at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, DC exhibition Discovering Rastafari! with still images as well as film clips

I filmed and produced the documentary RAS CUBA: Interviews with Cuban Rastafarians at the request of the community in Cuba, who wanted their voices heard and their presence known internationally. It has been presented at film festivals and various venues in NYC, Washington DC, San Francisco, FL, Jamaica, Italy and the Lower Hudson Valley.